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Oakmont Rovers
RV Club
Oakmont Rovers
RV Club

Contacts and Members



Jeff Hickman


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Vice President

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Chris Bargar


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Jim Ritter


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Members and their rigs

  1. Sharon Threlkeld          Jan Young
    Sharon Threlkeld Jan Young
  2. John Felton
    John Felton 30' Itasca Sundowner
  3. Jackie Kinney
Noel Lyons
    Jackie Kinney Noel Lyons
    Home 26' Lazy Daze
  4. Nancy and Jeff Hickman
    Nancy and Jeff Hickman
    Home 282-9350 Jeff cell 714-797-3625 Nancy cell 707-387-5222 4 Wheel Camper - Hawk
  5. Bob and Judiann O'Connell
    Bob and Judiann O'Connell
    Travel Trailer
  6. Joann Fuller
    Joann Fuller
    19' Pleasureway
  7. Barbara and Wally Bobkiewicz
    Barbara and Wally Bobkiewicz
    24' Travel Trailer
  8. Dan and Chris Bargar
    Dan and Chris Bargar
    23' Komfort Trailer
  9. Jim and Lorene Riter
    Jim and Lorene Riter
    3-' Holiday Rambler
  10. Julie Cade and Bruce Bon
    Julie Cade and Bruce Bon
    Looking for a New Rig
  11. Skipper and John Taylor
    Skipper and John Taylor
    19' PleasureWay