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Oakmont Rovers
RV Club
Oakmont Rovers
RV Club

Eclipse Camping , Central OR

August 20, 2017

Wagon Masters:  Jeff and Nancy Hickman

Phone:  282-9350


E-mail Jeff

Campground:  Someplace in Central Oregon - west of the Cascade mountains

You need to be within the path of totality in order to get the full effect of the Total Eclipse.  Belknap Springs is located about 1 1/2 hours south of the centerline of the eclipse.  It is situated in the Cascade mountains of Oregon where moring clouds and fog are possible.  Driving to the centerline on the day of the eclipse may be a problem as traffic on the day of the eclipse is likely to be heavy. 

While no organized trip is planned, there are still possibilities for camping near the centerline.   Two websites to check are:

This is the site for the festivities and camping in Madras, Oregon

This is a list of other eclipse camp sites in central Oregon

Google Maps
Oregon Solarfest
Madras Eclipse/stay
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