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Oakmont Rovers
RV Club
Oakmont Rovers
RV Club

These bottons take you places - check them out

Plymouth - 2016

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  1. Plymouth 2016
    Plymouth 2016
    Happy hour continues
  2. Plymouth 2016
    Plymouth 2016
    Walnut Tree in the Vino Noceto winery
  3. Plymouth 2016
    Plymouth 2016
    The tour begins, Greg, our tour guide, is carrying a bag full of wine so we will following him anywhere (as long as the wine hold out)
  4. Plymouth 2016
    Plymouth 2016
    Pizza in Sutter Creek
  5. Title 5
    Title 5
    So many choices (thanks Bob)
  6. Plymouth
    The tour continues. Greg still has the bag of wine, but we are getting closer to grabbing it.
  7. Plymouth 2016
    Plymouth 2016
    Our fearless leader, Dan Bargar, aids a damsel in distress, Joanne Fuller. Nice new rig, Joanne!
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